早起的鸟儿 k2visual公司作品_3520435k2visual公司作品,建筑渲染,建筑表现,平面渲染,渲染,渲染公司,建筑渲染公司,建筑外立面效果图,设计表达,大厦效果图,底层建筑效果图,低层建筑效果图,建筑效果图,效果图,建筑大透视K2 Visual is known for its very detailed work when it comes to 3D rendering, which is why they also made it to this list of the best architectural visualization companies. They put heavy emphasis on the details whenever they create the 3D representations of their architectural drawings. Not only do they include the building and the surroundings in the picture, but they also include the little details that a lot of other companies miss out on.They include the lighting, building composition, and overall mood of the atmosphere of the picture. The details that they include in the picture not only give clients an idea of their future home but also an idea of the feelings that they’ll get when they first step into their new home.k2visual公司作品_3520435